Some of the creators of this platform are real lawyers who understand the need for a unified platform for the connection of clients and legal practitioners. We also understand that when you need legal services, searching online may not give you the best results. It will be for the best interests of both clients and legal practitioners to bring legal practitioners from all over the world to one platform. We are taking the legal profession to a remote era. Clients and legal services providers from all over the globe can be connected easily through our platform.

To the Clients: We understand that having a dispute is the last thing you want for either your personal life or your business. However, bad things happen and that is when you need help the most. Rest assured; our platform will match you to the best legal practitioners that exactly fit your needs.

To the legal practitioners: As lawyers ourselves, we expertise in many fields. We want to promote the best services to people around the world. Through the platform, we will be able to provide legal services to clients who need our expert knowledge. We can also collaborate with lawyers from other countries in international disputes. In our next phase, we will also be introducing the concept of administering all types of legal training and work experience to our platform. We would like to integrate the whole legal profession internationally and create a hassle-free platform that connects everyone in the profession.


If you are interested in our platform or you have any question, please feel free to contact:
Dr. Kyriaki Noussia      K.Noussia@exeter.ac.uk
Mr Chang Wang xiaoxiaoxiaowc@hotmail.com


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